I've been writing here since 2002.

each 'words' is written in a single go, without too much editing, spilled out on the table and arranged a bit as it cools. I prefer it this way.

usually I'm writing for a future-self, who is looking back onto my present self. looking back is a joy. I discover something in the words after they have hardened, remembering their molten warmth. often times a words-log will only make sense to me, months or years in the future.

these words aren't pieces (like paintings), nor blog posts (like sketches). perhaps they're more like photographs. photographic writing? and so: these words are not me, the way that the camera or the photograph is not the photographer.

lastly. I'm not entirely sure why these words are online, in the form of a publicly-viewable website. words painted on the tops of buildings: rarely seen, clearly exposed. since its inception, I've been wondering why. one day I'll find the answer, and perhaps this website will disappear, or transform.

until then, here it is.