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I think the reason that I like bags so much is that they embody portability, sufficiency, movability, dynamism. Bags fold inwards, and a closing of a bag is a snapping shut, a wrapping closed, and these distinctions created between the outside and the inside, the private and the public, are tactile and tangible. Bags consist of straps and a container; the ability to be carried and the ability to carry, both carrying and the carried, active and passive. The bag carries the private and is carried by the individual; it's a bridge of sorts, connecting between that which is distinctly private, and that individual whom navigates through gradients of private and public, connecting the realm of private-vs.-public with private-into-public.

Here are some ideas:
- a bag for which the closure is the opening: the opening folds over, becomes a closure.
- a bag that is like a sort of 보자기 or furoshiki -- the material used to carry the bag is the same material used to carry its internals.
- a bag that is, by nature, open to the public, transparent and open to the elements, made of a rigid mesh: a bag that does not fulfill its original mission or intent.
- a bag that disappears or deforms when it is opened, accessed
- a bag in which the handles of the bag are the bag itself - the bag is a flattened torus - the bag itself is a requirement for portability.
- a bag that opens when it is carried, closes when it is put down. permeability and access only through movement.