This was 15 years, 6 months, 27 days ago

sublimed, reified, from my computer onto this megaphone-

== written after a dream:
can i get more than a d+?
get the value of 1 - and i circled 0
no, you can't
do labs
i'm taking a class for the core about his

you had a seizure instead



cheap suits project

write transparent walls project in moleskine

the religious relics hidden within each church as inspiring game stories/adventures - finding separate parts to reunite them together to produce a mystical force

look out for digital baroque: new media art and cinematic folds
timothy murray on deleuze + new media?

(jotted during class): Is writing on the margins of the pages in ballpoint pen any more aggressive than writing in pencil? does ballpoint pen rival the hegemonic voice of the published book, the printed word in ink?

facebook photos - photoshopped into everywhere

sandcastles upon sandcastles
"it's sandcastles all the way down"

when the evidence of physical presence is itself an object of desire

all of a sudden, an image of two street artists

series of 6-million hyperplanes

blue colored flag in a blue colored sky