This was 15 years, 6 months, 26 days ago

consider: what I need to believe is different than what is true.

consider, I, need, believe, different, true -- all of these are overlaid sentences, like flowers that everyone has trampled on. even this analogy implies a primal purity, which is not what I want to imply. for the time being, let's progress - I have but one language and it is not mine, so what else am I gonna do on an online megaphone?

consider this: the motivating action for the process of creation (and not the process of creation itself) involves a sort of blind faith, an irrational disbelief that goes against all of my reason, like the red flags being raised when anyone says 'exclude' or 'tampered'.

consider that a movement from a still state involves an force.

consider that this action is irreverent and derisive to the tyrants and beggars of doctrines/anti-doctrines, structures/anti-structures, enlightenments/ignorances, ignorances/enlightenments.


you're you, and I wouldn't change your self-changing nature for the world.