This was 15 years, 4 months, 7 days ago

quiet home subways walking retreat. living in a borough outside of manhattan is to extend, then to retreat, to hold this inner rhythm of dichotomies of busy-relaxed, outside-inside, tall-low, together-alone, to live with this flow gently inscribed upon the body and to acquiesce with these rhythms.

aquiescence could also be: collude, conspire, in concert. going-along-with. There is correlation, and then there is causality. we're not talking about causality here, only a gentle correlation, parallelality, coincidence.

If we declare that the photographic image is complete and 'full' even without the caption, the discursive space, or the punctum, then the inclusion of the supplement intrudes into the image to fill a void that was previously nonexistent. One method of coming to terms with the operation of the supplement is to find formal evidence for the new meanings introduced by the supplement, and to argue that the meaning within the supplement was inherent in the image all along -- to argue for a causal relationship between the visual form and the supplemental meaning to provide a justification for the nature of the supplement. Perhaps a more conscious approach, and one also in tune with Derrida's argument, would be to acknowledge the nature of the supplement as itself generating meaning, and to create an allegory between visual form and meaning not as causal ('the visual form generates this meaning'), but in a relationship of aesthetic coincidence and resonance. That is, if the visual form and the meaning coincide, this relationship should be an allegorical and aesthetic one, based not on a causal relationship, as causality implies directionality, agency, and original motive, and as this would be a further belief in the "immediate presence" and "originary perception" that Derrida argues against. Instead, an understanding in terms of aesthetic allegory would be to believe in an understanding that echoes and adds to the photographic image, or that supplements the image itself: an understanding of supplementarity that supplements the image, and thus a continuation of Derrida's "endless linked series" of supplementarity and mediation.

ebb, flow. in this borough this demarcated excluded selected geographic and demographic space lit by the residual glow of a midtown sky. there is a balance I am seeking that lies somewhere between effort and lethargy.

ten days and I leave this short dwelling to reside again in manhattan. I am almost regretful because it means the passing of a place designated to be a place, the elimination of a night-time ritual for the sake of convenience, clarity, ease, utilitarian placement.