This was 15 years, 7 months, 22 days ago

another one of those dreams I don't realize that I had dreamt it before until the time comes.

The last time I had this semi-recurring dream was two years ago, maybe.

Metropolis, entangled highways and parking lots, dark and enclosed, high elevators with precarious places to drop and fall endlessly.

Inside, an underground floor with vinyl green floor much like korean underground apartment parking lots. The walls occasionally have the same two-digit story number spray painted on them. The rumble of a monolithic rivulet of cars nearby.

The elevator's large and circular, a room-size platform suspended in the middle of a tube. One wrong step and I fall for who-knows-how-many floors. Someone's looking for me all the while. Am I escaping, or entering? I enter into a hallway where similar elevators exit similarly. Are I running? Beneath I on this platform without guardrails I see a network of cars running and tangling. I go somewhere, and then go somewhere else.

Entering an elevator again the doors close. Inside this space is pure vulnerability -- as I look on in horror, the elevator slides up, down, moves sideways, mockingly denies me access to my chosen floor, starts accelerating upwards endlessly, disappears. Elevators are to be avoided. I take the stairs, which is a rectilinear spiraling strand suspended in empty space. Somehow I reach the end but it's not certain whether this is end is the same end I started from; still uncertain I wake up.