This was 17 years, 2 months, 26 days ago

stolid silences better felt as chilled air, a scene of particles, lights, and a not-so-dark sky, the chirpers up in the trees and in the subways. blinds up past orange hues, warmed cups, steam gasping its way curling, the slight humidity amplifying step clean clout clasp, close tonight, to-morning, of movement and directionality past and showed.

a collection of meaningful adjectives:
reification particlization deification, abstractisation, cross-continental-blues, swinging staccato polyrhyhmic?


taste in my mouth of morning and limited ranges. back to you, fabric supple and appropriately two-sided, one-dimensional subliming (into three, or 2-space in 3d), the duality of young and old, morning and night, light and dark, sleeping and awake. give and take, push and pull, motives motifs lying hidden, modus operandi ulterior motif motive? ulterior motif, the vectorization of intent, will gathered into a line, elongated mathematical understandings sought.

a requirement for imperatives. walk that roof, skim the surface, the limiting reagent. move, talk, exhale, a duality, who was it, nathaniel mackey, some individuals lying high and low in the grand scheme - G.S.? fuck. forget this hierarchy, the emergent nature of interactions on a higher scale, not-so-parallel movements giving way to: marks on a floor, indentations on steps.

too bad, good morning. it's an awesome time, important questions entail such as: does the sun make a sound? how do you teach hope?