This was 14 years, 9 months, 28 days ago


performers: unknown, jo young min, unknown, sato yukie.

twenty people huddle in an underground room smelling faintly of gas-heater air to listen to a performance by a myriad of people. the main organizer/performer dashes into a back room mid-speech to bring out bottles of makgeolli for people to drink. how did you find this place? friends of friends, blogs of blogs, and so on. everyone here has sought out this deliberately one way or another; in the land of k-pop and massive music entertainment industries these performances are deliberate choices. there's an accompanying earnestness and enthusiasm on the part of everybody; did you come to this thing? how did you find us? I'm glad you came! vitality, youthfulness, youngness, incipient hope, germination inducing a strong push against earth.

sincerity, enthusiasm, earnestness. it's immensely refreshing and inspiring. there's an earthy comfort, a sort of quiet strength that pulsates. in the wood-paneled cafes and bars lies a desire turned inwards, (hopefully inwards), for the self, for my sake, internally motivated.