This was 17 years, 2 months, 14 days ago

I spent the instant of new year's in the car heading home. The countdown started, and when the bell started ringing, the traffic light we were waiting at suddenly turned green. We cruised through intersections for the next ten minutes without stopping until we got home.

1. look forward.
2. look back.
3. look.
4. stay still.
5. move around.
6. try new things.
7. keep old things.
8. solidify and liquify.
9. orient myself firmly.
10. start running.

11. travel to a new place.
12. meet again.
13. > a book a week, for myself.
14. sleep more.
15. spend less, save at least half each month.
16. decide between the five I have in mind.
17. create: one complete set of words and one complete thematic set of photography.
18. share more, open up more. be more reckless.
19. (you know what.)
20. be good to important people.

21. stop this guilt, make mine mine.