This was 15 years, 15 days ago

the other day someone asked online "what can I do to be less bored?" I can't ever understand people who are bored -- or at least who are bored not out of choice. here's my anti-boredom list.

watch blue velvet, eraserhead.
learn chuck.
learn more max/msp.
learn more music theory/sound processing.
learn flash & actionscript.
learn more electrical engineering.
teach myself ruby on rails.
read das kapital cover to cover.
read more adorno, horkheimer, zizek, lacan, foucault, derrida, wittgenstein, heidegger, husserl, bachelard, kant, nietzsche, hegel, hume, dworkin, rawls, ranciere, virililo, mcluhan, galloway, crary, benjamin, lyotard, kittler, krakauer, barthes. tj clark? gunning? spivak, scott, butler. lovink, thacker. etc. etc.
stop referring to authors by their last name only and perpetuating another aesthetic of reference, in-the-know, wink-wink gestures founded eventually on puerile exclusivity. the dream of a treehouse, secret hiding spots. treehouse members only: what's the secret password? knowing their first names.
but no really, read more. read more journals, more new media.
read outside the western/continental canon
talk to more eyebeam-y dorkbot-y cmc-y bitforms-y rhizome-y itp-y people.
shoot more, develop with diafine.
make all the things in my notebook.
learn more objective-c.
make more with less paralysis.
learn to build a wheel.
read more essays by dfw.
read more fiction. read against the day, v, vineland, mason & dixon. read the broom of the system.
walk more.
bike more.

there is the gentle but subtle and altogether active action of 'more' versus 'learn'.
fly more jet planes
learn to unicycle
parachute more
give more speeches
excel more
learn to set an alarm clock
sinister, sinister. I am a failed rocket scientist. I am a k2-climber-dropout.

once there was this course; in this course the professor told the entire class of students to email in a photo of ourselves. bombers flying high, diving in, sir. knowing what this all entailed I took a photo of myself, head shot straight on, white background, neutral smile. sliced at the neck, cropped ear to ear. what are you doing? what is going on here? what is going on here that necessitates not saying exactly what you are doing?