This was 16 years, 9 months, 2 days ago

more time wasted, slipped away.

I've been shooting more, shot three rolls, another one in the works. I'll be going to B&H later this week to get some fixer, permawash, hypocheck.

I should look for places to live.

I'm hearing/watching the books this saturday.

found playlists from 3 years ago. I have discarded logs somewhere telling me what song I played five years ago at some moment, where my computer was last summer. arbitrary and inconsistent digital traces.

I'm sleepy, tired, sick. full of regrets.

Later: I'll develop these rolls of film, sit cross-legged on the ground like some tea-drinking ritual, wait, turn, agitate, wait, empty, refill. In a darkened room I'll hope to find one or two nice images amidst hundreds of errant frames, wait for that skip in the chest, feel celluloid and silver nitrate growing.