This was 14 years, 23 days ago

th(is/ese) guy(s), perfect for this space. neon sculpture at my back and an americano with condensed milk at my side. work to do. places to run towards.

things are well. I am well. I got into an accident yesterday, a van poking its nose on a left turn into my bike lane on my greenlight and I saw it coming and yelled but he didn't hear me until he saw me. car-to-bike kiss. I tumbled, like a human shove while I was standing up. apologetic driver with kids in the back got out, was more apologetic. immediately wrote down the license plate, called 911 for a police report, and after an hour waved 'happy holidays' and was on my way with some colder banh mi and nothing more than gauze-wrapped scratches on the arm and post-adrenaline-rush tensed muscles.

the funny thing about this whole affair was that it didn't have any, what do they call it, negative energy, it was full of apologies on his part and a "yeah well neither of us wanted this to happen". he's replacing my bicycle wheel. I bought a 120 db bike horn online. it was like an oversqueezed handshake, or teenage playfighting (slap-fights!) in dorms, a little bit of interaction that ended amiably and appropriately, give, take, give, take. after this dance we all go home.

things are moving well. events dropping into laps. ideas approaching. people appearing. went to lunch today with robert and enrique, came out to a pouring sky and marveled at the breadth of the sky that is so wide here, so much more expansive, slower. well-paced. things have solidified into a goodness. I am aiming towards brennschluss, or preparing myself to attempt to achieve brennschluss, engine cutoffs, the "giving it all I've gots", the excitement at having the world be my diorama gliding by on the bicycle.

dance is the right word, step step move step step move. lately I've been cooking without a set destination in mind, just a series of ideas that might make sense later on. garlic and olive oil. onion, green peppers afterwards, with maybe some white corn later. oh? I've got some sausage, let's brown and cut it up in the cast iron pan like chorizo slipped from its casing. maybe some bananas, sliced and sauteed and hopefully caramelized. a daub of pesto, ground pepper, salt. yes. if everything works like this I will be happy, happy, and grateful. step step move.