This was 13 years, 8 months, 21 days ago

I feel like it's been eons since I've written here.

nyc la korea japan korea la nyc; like a little palindrome that rests on the strength of the center pivot point letter, racEcar, back and forth.

it's a new year.

I have a lot of ideas.

and not enough time to write them all.

here is something I jotted in my phone in tokyo


Travel should be the breaking of meta-routine. Routine is when you can do something over and have it be absorbed and natural. Not having a routine is to be indecisive about what you are going to do, what actions you are going to undertake already inscribed within a domain of actions possible- a metaroutine of sorts. To really travel boldly is to not know what you will do while not knowing what you can do.


Just as I was about to sleep the earth had its own sleep-jerk for me and I felt the ground move, or at least I thought I did: a gentle undulation. The funny thing is that I register mild earthquakes with a slight sense of nausea- as if everything were shifting sideways, or like in those cheesy 80s videos where they took Mylar sheets and rotated them all askew so that the lead singer's face goes around and around. Involuntary blush of the cheeks. Which, I suppose, is what losing your ground should be like. I'm always just so surprised that I internalize this so much, that I have swallowed inwards and embodied the stirrings of mom Terra and cannot stand even the mind-bogglingly macro scale of movement that which is really a sort of arthritis, bones cracking and scraping past each other I imagine, crustacean/beetles earth having exoskeleton problems, hiding a soft innner core.


good night.