This was 14 years, 18 days ago

iphone, subway, all from may 9 - may 12

Part of the spark of an idea is that it persists throughout the entire project like the 잔상, a ghostly afterimage on the retina that exudes its own purplish presence wherever you look. A building is a building but if you can get that originating spark to glow enough everything becomes overlaid with the rich dissonace of communal usage. Without it things don't cohere, like a heated series of arguments that never converges into a debate.

Moment, as in brief but also ad in momentum, movement, vector anchored at a start and straining (collar presses against neck fur) forward, that strain being movement, directionality. Movement on a street, on the side of a building, spaces becoming so very optical.

Looking back over my shoulder on dean and Flatbush I suddenly abruptly experience a sort of subiomity that's been jolting me lately. City in my hair and music in my ears. How long does this last, I wonder, then quickly banish those questions and all that's left is a series of experiences to look forward to and to experience now. Accidental grin. Where else could I be? I am blessed to be in the thick of it all, to be running.

A couple (?) sleeps on the train. Sleeps, or is coming up/down. Together they gyrate in slow-motion circles, grasping errant bars, ends of chairs, shoulders of strangers. Rather than squeezing themselves into a corner and molding themselves asleep they've decided to take up most of the seat, and as such they bend, fall, rotate, two
wilting flowers gently being twirled in sticky ten-year-old hands. The coming of their sleep is so tangible that I wonder why I will not be next, my legs giving away as I slowly fall to the ground, eyes sliding quietly shut.