This was 13 years, 5 months, 13 days ago

from may 3, 2007.

If I look forward onto myself looking back, will I say, "I wish I had looked more forward, more often, thought about how much more I would have later looked backwards and wished I had looked more forward, more often?"


from may 8, 2007.

I'm up far too late. I should sleep. Before I do in this interim moment I realize the preciousness of this moment, my acute awareness of my presence, the clarity of focus I am awarded for my youth.

oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh me, oh this, oh that. oh the presence of mind. oh the diverging curves.

lately everything seems to come down to a point. what is this image? again, an armchair, an incandescent bulb, a wall of bookshelves, a frying pan.