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ideas for new domain:

continuation of the orphannode idea, a handful or more of domains here and there. each node is a legit node in of itself, self-sufficient, no central server or database. super-rudimentary algorithm serving to share new domains or the death of old domains. not p2p, more like a complete graph.

lets see:
key: (#) = domain


operation cycle of a domain:
check if successor. if successor {
check if there's updated information: if so, send to all other domains. }
check if alive. if dead { choose a domain at random. notify as successor. send message to all other domains of death. die. }
else (if alive) {
check for death-messages. if message exists { delete domain from database. }
else (if message doesn't exist ){
ping all other domains.
if a domain is dead { delete domain from database, send message to other domains }


or something like that.

nomadic site.

there's this joy riding a bike that I get every time I hop on the saddle. in quick succession: I'm balanced -> pedaling is surprisingly easier than I remember. every stroke propels me forward, forward -> I am reading and riding the city.

there's this rhythm that I know now, I feel my whiskers extend. I am looking behind me over my left shoulder, to my right, to my left, for car doors to open, for cars to turn left across the lane, people to cross, potholes in the ground; there's a million things going on and I pass by all of them, I'd like to think, with a graceful awareness that catches just enough. I stare at the sides of glossily dark cars at night to catch reflections of faraway headlights coming down the road. there's an indentation in the ground, a slight swerve. I feel traffic accumulating over there, so I take my lane already. traffic will loosen and bunch this way, and so taking my hand off the braille pad that is the city with its asphalt protrusions and streetlight chroma I move this way because I am reading it, more than legible it is readable, seeable, findable, graspable.

readability without a perceived legibility is intuition.
legibility without a perceived readability is barthes' third meaning, the strain of eyes squinting, signification divided by its unit vector -- amplitude without direction, intention without results.