This was 13 years, 6 months, 10 days ago

evacuations from hurricane earl

it's just such, such a nice day. I went for a jog in prospect park and I could feel movement balancing out to a point of comfortable exertion. I bought three peaches, ate two within the hour. escaped (from dean st. mosquitos) to this cafe and there's the sound of cars passing and the breeze comes in through the backyard and here I am.

someone sits across from me and I know I've met him before, very recently, but I can't remember where, I try and I stretch my mind and I roam around the past narratives of the last few days, few weeks, and I get a taste in my mouth of another sense of nostalgia-for-the-present appearing, emerging into the present.


idea dump:

mobile home architecture, rv architecture, moving buildings, buildings that are not slow, heavy, expensive, but are quick, nimble, aggressive, light. architecture that works against the aura of the object, work against the aura of the work (of art), work against presence maybe.

architecture of voltron. forms move, swivel, compress, approach and fit into each other, create something new. social cooperation made literal, emergent properties made bodily.


oh, and antonio carlos jobim, you make me smile...