This was 13 years, 5 months, 28 days ago

on a good mood, riding a wave of air. tonight tonight tonight tonight. nothing else but a sense of going forward. I'd love to argue against this guy at this lecture, say that this approach to parametric architecture is as normalizing as ergonomics, pick apart the "we" and the "us" this guy keeps on using, and I raise my hand but don't get to speak but it's okay and I go back to studio and talk to people and I can feel ideas spouting out of my head, like a blowhole, here and there, and I know that I am so preciously in a little petri dish allowed to make experiments and be messy and stupid, and it's this wonderful zone of protected controlled freedom, and I need to remember that always, that I'm here because I want to be free and learn more, and if I ever ever feel stuck at any reason then it's because I've lost sight of the initial motive, which is to have this spirit of flexibility, experimentation, playfulness, or perhaps a rigorously playful drive towards, onwards, and so on.