This was 16 years, 11 months, 15 days ago

• I am reminded of how you can stop knowing someone so suddenly

• I went to see Jeff Wall, his after hokusai photograph and that sontag-famous war photo and his even better diagonal compositions. I hope he's the kind of person shooting into corners in dark subways and lit rooms, always always dragging invisible crop frames across things with his eyes. Nice, nice, nice, nice nice.

• There was massive penis display at the moma, everyone with their schlongs and guns and phallices hanging out, dangling to the side, occasionally even firing off into empty air. Longer, Thicker, Faster. Casual snap photography of the mundane, elevated status of apersonal notation, without someone standing in the photo with a veectory hand signal even = DSLR work ethic applied to leisure. Fucking fuckers.

The FBI has not been here yet. Please watch for the removal of this sign.

• I miss miss miss miss miss miss miss. nested statements going back to the womb, now towards some kind of cave crawled into made from blankets in winter. create create create create create create create. oh this necessity for definition, for a home, a defined home clear-cut jutting-forth thrusting-down Here's my stake in the ground. Where's yours?