This was 16 years, 10 months, 21 days ago

oh no, I'm hungry, and I feel the urge to type something, just as I'm so very busy.

I'm typing with kleenex sheets under my hands, and the keys become quieter, softer, more aligned with this time: 12:59am.

Lately I've been interested in things combining. Furniture+appliance, temporal+visual, usage+aesthetic. I've been sketching, drawing, trying to work my way up to schematics for this one thing. The inseparable integration of utility, design, and aesthetics. Checking out Arduino. Should I have done electrical engineering + visual art instead?

I am angry at people who take photographs with an SLR that are subject-based. To me, an SLR means a deliberate approach at exact photography, converging towards professionalism perhaps, a finely-carved tool able to do something specific. Subject-based photography is like words that are simply descriptive. SLRs + subject-based photography is high school poetry of the worst kind. And although Billy Collins can be wonderful, this (old) review is funny and appropriate to such photography, for some reason.

back to work.