This was 16 years, 10 months, 19 days ago

A list of things I need to buy. This is not because I necessarily 'need' them, but because I want them, and because a want constitutes a need, sometimes, because by listing things I will (hopefully) be able to distinguish between what I want and what I want enough to need. This is also not because I like buying things, but because objects aren't necessarily without value, and because these objects are hopefully vehicles that enable me to get to there, from here - -

lamy safari fountain pen ef point
arduino usb board
EM-406A GPS module
grado sr-60 headphones
cheap p&s digital camera.
butane soldering torch.
the crying of lot 47
massimo vignelli nyc subway map
essays on photography - trachtenburg
bicycle helmet

I like this list. I like what it represents through what it doesn't show.

on later thought, this isn't a gift list or something similarly unsubtle. I sometimes forget that people do read this 'blog' of sorts, and that it's not a solipsistic rendering of my own voice somewhere. I guess websites are meant to be read.

What about -- websites that aren't public? That is, the network structure surrounding a site is open, freely accessible, but at the same time anonymous, unsearchable, mostly (but not quite fully!) inaccessible. A middle ground between saying things and being read, so that you have the presence of an audience without an audience, and the creationship and power of an author without being one. Imagine all these sites, populated here and there in constant and silent Ouroboros-like reflection, looking inside on the self, talking inside a closed system.

By saying things, the words turn into something of their own right, because readership no longer is a question of size but fixes itself as an ambiguity. Messages to be broadcast to a population unclear about its own ability to hear them -- If a tree falls in a forest, and someone may or may not be there to hear it, then what kind of sound does it make? Et et et cetera. And that movement from mouth to vocalization towards something is the important part, an object gaining momentum in movement, Pee attuned to Em Vee, not on the propulsion force of Eff...

To touch on the Crucifix NG, which I've been thinking about lately -- here's a thought, just now. A megaphone, output as electromagnetic waves, sending strong and angry messages out to be hopefully and fortuitously caught in the minuscule loops of headphone cables. Induction operating upon the principle of change form, the movement of cable to headphone and a turn of the neck -- seemingly chance, random curls transforming beyond dimension, 1 to 2, -- coordinating the act of listening versus not. The synchronization of field and current, versus abandoning the order in the air to other, not-so-attentive ears -- a lamp, the walls, a nearby radiator, grounded to water pipes, sewer mains, to the rest of this rainful City.