This was 12 years, 1 month, 22 days ago

earlier today I stopped and looked up, up at this building that I had been looking at for years now, years and years since I entered it first six years ago in 2005, but this time it came at me fully, with a kind of succulent richness that I hadn't seen before, and so I had to step back and hold myself for a second because I found myself drawn into it, seeing certain aspects that shone out and emerged from somewhere, a kind of richness only best described as gorgeous, gorgeously poised, gorgeous. from whence did this come?

I guess: like: savoring something on the edge of a metal spoon, slowly, the top of the tongue against cold metal, slow. paced. sunshine slowly flows into a room. etc.

like listening to a record again and hearing the intake of breath of the performer, having the sounds separate themselves into strata, so that the work becomes more like a multilayered composition rather than a single object, like some piece of musical baklava, in which your teeth only know the crunch of a hundred different layers at once..

buildings, and, spaces, and sometimes people. readings, forms, figures. such vibrancy, I think. vibrating, jittering, barely surviving being alive.

this is new, and I know not from where this came, but I know it's new.