This was 12 years, 3 months, 18 days ago

post-discussion high. oh oh oh oh oh.

in the end, all you can hope for are people, though, really. a saturday full of surprises; waking up in the literal midst of a music video shoot, walking to a gorgeous brunch, a little work-session, then crossing the street just to run into some dear friends, together traipsing around the innards of a warehouse taking freight elevators up and down peering into dark spaces and imagining new lives. and then: friends and new friends from all corners of this city congregating together to talk about a tome, to root insides its innards and to find our own places, expansion of the text, enthusiastic engagement, the best possible chemistry. and afterwards a bonfire and a couple of beers and talking, talking, the smell of smoke in your hair to remind you afterwards of the shape of excited words emerging through each others' engaged eyes.

everything just constituted out of people, really.