This was 11 years, 3 months, 1 day ago

it's been a while. long gaps, long gaps.

a series of short bulletpoints to illustrate the montage of things seen and past:

1. dealing with things is always hard.

2. this is because everything is made out of people.

3. because everything is made out of people and made by people, this means that making anything is always about dealing with the interactions between people.

4. everything is politics; everything is management; everything is logistics; everything happens in the moment where you open your mouth and speak; the interface between people. it is all that. everything done and made and reified into the world is a balance between 1) you and your being, and 2) you and others, and while this definition may seem obvious and over-encompassing it's also focused and slim, a slender line drawn on a cream-colored page.