This was 11 years, 1 month, 9 days ago

new year's resolution, 2013. a month and two days late.

be certain. move with momentum that imples a desire, not a dogmatism. feel free to change your lines of sight. lean inwards. remember to let yourself trust yourself, the best parts of yourself, to be able to count on the solidity of your own being that you have built up from base principles. everything is constituted out of feedback loops that either negatively oscillate or positively accumulate into intensification. all the cliche things originate out of seeds of truth, as you know, that repeat, return, continue to circle back towards yourself as newly gained, even more newly gained understandings.

yes, of course -- oh yes, of course -- oh actually yes -- oh no, actually, really, truly, yes -- indeed, completely absolutely yes, yes -- if yes were a given, then even more a complete affirmation --

this year's seed: follow what you desire, no, really, what you desire, no really I mean truly desire, even within what you desire there are things you must desire, no but I really mean desire, I mean really truly, and yes you could be there, a fully desiring self, but I mean even beyond that, even after that's done and settled and sought and fought for and moved towards and arrived, I mean --

and of course desire is never an uncompromising unyielding dogmatism in of itself, but is itself an organism in the process of sustaining itself, moving through fields of conditions, spheres of activity, flowing through and beyond and despite and due to forces, desire itself occurs in action, or is a kind of action -- the same way that "taking a walk" is not a dogmatic formulaic procedure, but rather a process of continually rebuilding and renegotiating momentary desires towards a longer, continual, active, comprehensive happening.

to know my flows.