This was 10 years, 16 days ago

and here we are.

1. a nonprofit incubator collective. 2. live/work studio space. 3. scraping/mapping visualizations of censorship. 4. cnc router (3d printer). 5. hurricane-proof greenhouse. 6. incubator space? 7. course proposals. 8. project presentation sessions.

I mention this all because it feels like I am overflowing with abundance, like I've encountered some kind of verdant greenery scene, like I'm falling to my knees and plunging my head into a nearby stream to drink and drink. like I am running. and there's just enough work. too much work? keeping it at just enough. somehow it works out. I think I can make it work out. or do I? or do I.

I need to see my friends more often. I need to break patterns more often. I need to not work, a little more often, because right now the texture of my being is filled with working, but on joyous things but working, working, working. I am doing things. It is enjoyable but - but - to some extent, without people, I realize the extent to which one can stagnate.

there is nothing so rich as the layered history of another person that brings with them an infinite amount of biases; if they are a kind of runner, also, or at least a jogger, or a deliberate walker, or at least have fixed convictions and move with deliberateness and desire, then all is well. all is well.

new revelations are less of a sudden dawning truth, more arise out of the congealing realization that happens when one says it out loud, hears it again, and realizes that it is so true, say, in the back of a mexican deli, permanently affixed temporary decorations stringing from dim light to dim light, and amidst the low-level hum of conversation and the thick muted loudness of futbol announcers turned down, then realizing that what you had said out loud was the answer to the question you had been asking, and then yet another answer to another question. well.

but the most exciting part, or the most interesting part, is I feel myself changing. the way in which I work, or operate, or act, is different. this is interesting. it is fascinating. I am excited. onwards and onwards.