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Seoul has a lot of interesting stuff going on!

A.L.I.C.E museum

예술의 전당 한가람디자인미술관 (Seoul Arts Center - Hangaram Design Museum ), 6/2 - 6/22
This looks incredible, despite the fact that it's targeted towards children (which is nice, I suppose, the idea of media art being directly interactive and accessible enough to be kid-fun). There's a lot of works I've seen before -- Samorost, Cloud by Jenova Chen, Shadow Monster by Philip Worthington, etc. ALICE stands for "Alive Liquid Interactive Creative Expressive".

Lincoln Schatz - generative video installations
Bitforms gallery, seoul 6/1 - 7/14, opening reception 6/1
"Visualizing the memory of an environment, these works reconsider fixed
notions of history, time and place. Each unique artwork records, stores and displays video that recounts its record of exhibition, building a distinct visible aura."

Nurri Kim -- Space Between: Archive, Memory, Repository
Insa Art Space, 5/25 - 6/10, Talk 5/29 5pm
This seems interesting. Memory versus archive: "How does an archive work, as compared to human memory? Are there meaningful distinctions between "memory" and "storage (archive)," and how do these ideas frequently get confused in our overwhelmed technological times? " Somewhat related to an article about MyLifeBits and Gordon Bell I read in the New Yorker about obsessively recording and archiving personal data.

Weather Forecast
Nam Seoul Annex building of the Seoul Museum of Art, 5/11 - 7/1
An exhibition in which artists-in-residence interacted and exchanged ideas upon the topic of 'mobility'.

Sound Art 101
Ssamzie space, 4/24 - 6/17

Springwave 2007
Various Locations, 5/4 - 5/30
A festival encouraging collaboration with foreign/other contemporary artists to create a stronger sense of contemporary art in Korea. May be nice, but is almost over.

Part of Springwave 2007:
Instead of allowing something to rise up to your face dancing Bruce and Dan and other things, Tino Sehgal
5/7 - 5/30, 11-6pm at Total Museum of Contemporary Art
5/27, 2:30pm performance with Nadia Lauro
"I consider communism and capitalism as two versions of the same model of economy, which only differ in their ideas about distribution. This model would be: the transformation of material or – to use another word – the transformation of ‘nature’ into supply goods in order to decrease supply shortage and to diminish the threats of nature, both of course in order to enhance the quality of life. Both the appearance of excess supply in western societies in the 20th century, as well as of mankind endangering of the specific disposition of ‘nature’ in which human life seems possible, question the hegemony of this mode of production, in which the object hood of visual art is profoundly inclined. My point is that dance as well as singing – as traditional artistic media – could be a paradigm for another mode of production which stresses transformation of acts instead of transformation of material, continuous involvement of the present with the past in creating further presents instead of an orientation towards eternity, and simultaneity of production and deproduction instead of economics of growth."

Part of Springwave 2007:
I hear voices, Nadia Lauro
5/3 - 5/30, 11-5pm at Total Museum of Contemporary Art
5/27, 2:30pm Performance with Tino Sehgal
"I hear voices is a project articulated around a visual installation, a ‘live architecture’ and a performance. I hear voices, a kind of science fiction landscape made of hairy mountains, offering a cozy resting place to the spectators during the whole Springwave Festival. It is an immersive space, a cross between a ‘mental garden’ and a ‘warming-up area for the audience’, inhabited with a special event the 9th and 10th of may 2007."

Part of Springwave 2007:
Hey girl!, Romeo Castellucci/Socìetas Rafaello Sanzio
5/24 - 5/25, 8pm at Arko Arts Theater, Main Hall
"Hey girl! is a project about movement and about
gesture. In the end it will be a kind of dance. A series
of pictures strung together but seemingly unconnected.
One might say, a revue of acts that starkly reveals
aspects of human relationships. A portrait put together
out of the vast archive of partly forgotten gestures of
the West."