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Hong Kong, possibilities enacted.

Free association hampered by an artificial keyboard,

Going deep requires some sense of presence that is primarily internal, the feedback arrows pointing inwards, get the loop de doops to keep on going, running, aching.

What’s important is to wrangle up a sense of Ka, perhaps adjacent to anger, or excitement, or righteousness. Something Must be done! Can be done! Get those muscles firing. Go go go. Have at it. Run run run. See what happens. This is all for you. Your work is for you! Or rather, your work is for others, but through you, not through others, others not like a mirror, but you, I am the ecology that terms and grows and rolls and rollicks, I am full of generosity and sharing in the same way that a sprig of tomato plant is generous! There’s more where this came from, not because we made it for you, but because I, we, the royal we, are in the process of changing through, changing, being, growing. Who will we be? Let’s see. And so we grow, you know, change move change move.

The answer is not - who cares about others. The answer is to care about your self, to tend to the garden of the self, to the jungle, the planet of the self, to terraform areoform egoform the self. Alter the self. We are rolling, moving. Work on what feels right.

Your gut is right. Follow your gut. Your gut doesn’t want you to do easy things, or hard things. Your brain wants the easy or the hard, the good or the bad. The gut is moved, is curious. The gut explores. Exploring up a mountain, taking weeks. Exploring across a continent, taking months. Exploring the cracked and cratered landscapes of disciplines, taking years.

Trust in yourself, and your ability to see. Trust in others, and their abilities to see.

Make space for yourself.

During a conversation with J i say:
The world is very good at parting you with your money. Of making sure that you’ll never quite have enough. Above a given level of money, there’s always more you could be spending on, always just a little bit more you could have. That ratio stays consistent, as your income climbs and dives.

The world is a selective sponge of sorts, just avoiding saturation.

And we concur.

And then: the world is also good at soaking up your cognitive load. There are so many thoughts you can juggle, and an attention economy uses all of this, soaks it up, so that if you only had a little bit more time, and a bit more attention, you could know or hear enough. There’s so much to read/gossip/talk about.

As with money, after a certain point, the answer is not to keep on earning that ‘just a bit more’, but to stop spending money on certain things altogether, to make a decision that is outside the valuation of money, of not doing such and such. Decision, not judgment.

What do I decide not to think about? To lend my cognitive load to? To focus and limit?

Remember. Old habits, old spaces, old spaces, old habits.

Towards always changing one’s slug juice.