This was 6 years, 21 days ago

image culture is so strong.

images are so strong. who would have thought? images are so strong. media theory is not enough. what I want to ask is: what is the dispositif of images. the nature of images. how do images flow. what is their nature. how do they shine, reflect, occlude, how do they hide.

not about photography, nor painting, but image culture in general. image culture is about images and their production, circulation, and absorption. images circulate. images, deracinated, extracted from their origin, fly around in a maelstrom of apparitions, rapid-fire triggering memory, synapse, recollection, punching you at just the right ways, so that you feel just right. familiar sensation and stimulation nestling almost neatly into your memories. what is this new graphic design? this new story? this new billboard? just right, just right. memories of utopia.

images are so strong. image culture is so strong. against image culture.


in the mid-gesture, of a dance, of a practice, is when all the truth lies.
in the middle of things, is where things are respected, held dear, cared for.
in the middle of everything, when nobody but your dears see you start or end, is presence, moment, focus, direction. one's inner engine, growling like an eager cat.


do I dare take photographs of my world?
how do I share conversation about infrastructure?
what language is there around infrastructure?
what writing is there around ethical infrastructure?