This was 5 years, 8 months ago

I am moved. joyous. excited. jumping! super excited to start things. beyond a horizontal axis of architecture, not architecture, is an orthogonal practice of computation, space, embodiment, art, thought.

do we matter? we don't matter. all that matters is continuing on research, sharing it with the future. my work matters, not me. this is so clear.

I want to make work that is not about me, not about the designer, nothing about the author, but about sharing. work that grows and blossoms because more people are part of it, learn about it, share it, talk about it, belong. I want to make work and collaborate and share. I want to make work for which "collaboration" is not a needed word because it is ingrained into part of the work (we don't 'collaborate' in eating together - eating together is inherently social). I want to play. to be a kid. to learn. to share. to teach.

forget the axis of architecture/not-architecture. not that it is not meaningful, but it is one cross-section through the world. there are other things. who are we? where do we come from? how do we think and learn? how are we generous?

how do we jump into the world? how do we swim like fishes? how do we care for each other? how do we care for each other? how do we learn from each other? how do we change how we think? how do we pause? how do we belong?

I am here, buzzing with electricity. as I said to M: I am like a taut string, with my own resonant frequency, feeling with joyous surprise the buzz of my own vibrations occurring because I am listening to another sound, set of sounds, harmonies, layers.