This was 5 years, 2 months, 18 days ago

quick, quick! bottle it before it disappears. this euphoria exploration curiosity cameraderie. what is there? where should we head to? what is this landscape? does it look like mars? feel this scale? are we at the end of the world? (we kind of are). what lies there? who could we be? where are we going?

chatting with d. briefly I mention that I could understand what it feels like to be (t)here, the sense of scale and optimism buoyed by landscape. d: yes, and how it would be possible for a whole earth, or a long new, to be created out of this. yes, yes, yes.

truly feels fascinating exciting. tech in all its incarnations distorting, altering. the sheer optimism and excitement of dynamicland amongst one of them. amongst others; the sense of kindred curiosity. breezes.

a billion things to say. cars and california, apple and technology and silicon valley. being in its birthplaces and enacting simulacra of what it's like to live and to be amongst friends and new friends. to be curious and create things. to live in a compacted version of history, inventions and creations so understandable within a generation's short lifetime. look over there - the inventor of public key cryptography walks by. here we are.

what I take with me is a hope for newness, of the importance of looking out at landscapes, of beaches and sunsets and how actually these things are quite important, quite necessary to imagine how you relate to nature, of things that are longer and larger than you are.

could it be possible, would it be possible to constitute the self via your environment? (is this a highly problematic / classist thing to do?)
- to look at sunsets
- to be amongst sublime nature - beaches, forest, valleys
- to be amongst friends who know more than you do
- to be encouraged by doing things that are mistakes
- to be curious
- to be supported in your curiosity


what is clear: I remain fascinated by thinking about and making spaces, but I no longer wish to be an "architect". which is to say: I want to design interfaces - human/computer/spatial interfaces, hcsi, and some of that will involve designing buildings, but to be an architect feels as narrow as to be a "software developer" -- defined by what the things I do are made of, not what the things I do are.

architecture will forever remain part of me, but architects will be cousins and siblings, but never my selves

so! now what? now we march ahead into the unknown!