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The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe
apexart, 291 Church Street (between Walker and White st) Tues - Sat 11-6pm
July 7 - August 11
Apex Art invited curators to submit small artworks by two artists for inclusion in its massive, salon-style show of nearly a 1,000 diverse works. All of the pieces in the exhibition, by artists known and yet unknown, are available for bidding starting at $10. -Flavorpill

Generation 1.5
Queens Museum of Art, June 10 – December 2
Artists who came to the US in their teens. May be interesting..

Source Code:
Eyebeam, May 31 - August 11, noon - 6pm
"Source Code refers to the human-readable instructions used in computer programming that must be translated to machine-language in order to be executed; it also refers to the roots, or ‘source code’ of Eyebeam’s own origins. The works in the exhibition share the conceit of being parameter-based in that their conceptual thrust relies on fixed conventions, methodologies or formal constraints which generate and transform meaning."

Automatic Update
MOMA, June 27–September 10
"The dot-com era infused media art with a heady energy. Hackers, programmers, and tinkerer-revisionists from North America, Europe, and Asia developed a vision of art drawn from the technology of recent decades. Robotic pets, PDAs, and the virtual worlds on the Internet provoked artists to make works with user-activated components and lo-res, game-boy screens. Now that "new media" excitement has waned, an exhibition that illuminates the period is timely. Automatic Update is the first reassessment of its kind, reflecting the artists' ambivalence to art, revealed through the ludicrous, comical, and absurd use of the latest technologies."

P.S. 1, May 20 - September 24
"Juxtaposed for the first time, the monumental installations Laminated Souls (2004/07) and Á la Lumière des Deux Mondes (At the Light of Both Worlds) (2005) explore imaginary laboratory aesthetics."