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There's just so much stuff going on during the summer.

ROFL! v1.1
11:30pm, July 27, $15
Internet art, in the real world. Hmm.

Bora Yoon (( (Phonation) )) (w/ Kaki King, Adam Matta, and Stefano Zazzera)
7:30pm (6:30pm doors), July 26, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Allen Room
Site-specific sunset performance.
"Bora Yoon (vox, electrocuted violin, Tibetan singing bowls, cell phones, musicbox, synth, guitar, foundsound, electronics) is a performance artist, composer, and multi-instrumental sound architect. "
Registration is out, but cancellation tickets may be available..

Interactive Youth -- from recent NYU ITP graduates
Material Connexion, 127 W. 25th Street
M-F, 9am - 6pm. Until August 17
"From solar bikinis to reactive snowboards to interactive friendship bracelets to rotating orbs, Michael DelGaudio, Anne Hong, Andrew Schneider, and Nick Sears blow up the mold with objects that keep us "in touch" with the things we desire. Fresh talent and fresh technology from the New York University Interactive Telecommunications Program, these recent graduates embark on visions that are refreshingly tangible and simultaneously digital. Challenging our notions of what we think is possible, these young luminaries represent a generation of new designers investigating the relationship between materials and technology. They truly are connected.
Materials are the building-blocks for these technologies and exchanges. With innovative material developments like conductive ceramics, E ink, fiber optics, and photovoltaic cells, it is becoming possible for us to engage more readily with our surroundings, and to establish new dialogues about how we interact. As we develop these interactive technologies, we can anticipate their place in our homes, on our stuff, and in our bodies: the future is in these technologies, and it talks back."

2007 International Artists-In-Residence Exhibition
Location One, 26 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand)
Tues-Sat, 12-6pm, June 2 - July 28
"While Location One seeks to nurture a critical awareness of the implications of technology for contemporary society in both our artists-in-residence and our audiences, and on a practical level, to introduce artists to the possibilities of new media in their art practice, the work we exhibit covers a full spectrum: painting, sculpture, video, digital, audio, installation and performance. It is the convergence of artists working in all these areas which is of paramount interest to us. We believe that collaborations across multiple disciplines, and conversations from many perspectives, produce rich insights and raise critical questions."
I've never been here, but I've meant to -- they seem to be very media-art oriented.

Geek Out Summit
7:30pm, Sunday, July 22, free/$10(?)
MonkeyTown, 58 N 3rd St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"The Geek Out Summit is an event where individuals who are obsessively fascinated by specific areas of knowledge share their passion with others. It provides a context for like minded people to get together, network, invite coincidences, and discuss the things they geek out about. In this quarter’s installation, we will cover the following interesting & evoking topics: Geo-Aware Mobile Web Applications, From Bombs to Twinkies: The fascinating history of the modern food industry in 15 minutes or less, DNA Fingerprinting, Product Spotlight: MLB.TV’s Mosiac, Creative Commons Licensing as Viral Marketing

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
8pm, July 26
Part of BRIC - Celebrate Brooklyn! summer events, Prospect Park Bandshell
"In Another Evening: I Bow Down, Jones is both dancer and spectator, moving through a landscape of natural disasters and personal reminiscence. Jones' 10 dancers "explode with physical emotion in a riveting display of reckless abandon and total control." (Metro New York) Music by Wagner and contemporary Russian composer Anton Bagatov is juxtaposed with live performance by the Bronx based hardcore band Regain the Heart Condemned, ingeniously incorporated into the set."

Brazilian Girls + Cat Empire +HIMALAYAS conducted by Kenny Wollesen & Jonathon Haffner
3pm - 7pm, Sunday, July 22
Central Park Summerstage

JellyNYC Pool Parties feat. Band of Horses w/ Annuals and DJ Cosmo Baker
2pm, Sunday, July 22
McCarren Park Pool

Part of Susan Lori-Parks's 365 Plays project:
Vortex Theater Company
10pm, Friday & Saturday, July 20 & 21
Sanford Meisner Theater, 164 Eleventh Avenue (22nd st)
"Our 365 performances will feed off the energy and format of an indie rock show to create an all-encompassing theatrical event structured around seven plays by Suzan Lori-Parks."