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Until September 9, at the Whitney
"Profiling features two artworks that present a dialogue on issues surrounding surveillance, protection, privacy, and identity by exploring the use of automated systems for tracking and "profiling" people in public spaces. A continuously accumulating history of movements of visitors that is both a statistical plot of gallery activities and a record of each act of each visitor; and a catalog of visitors' head shots with classifying adjectives randomly attributed to them (i.e. unsuspecting, complicit, hungry)"

What the Dormouse Said #2:
Exceptional excursions into the way new and old media should be done
Sunday July 29, 8 & 10:30pm, $7, $10 minimum, MonkeyTown
There's no introduction to this, but the former What the Dormouse Said looks like it was interesting.

Also: Location One Artists-In-Residence exhibition ends on Saturday!