This was 16 years, 30 days ago

The Hotel Chevalier is up for free on iTunes.

Watching it reminds me of the strong cinematographic style Wes Anderson's films have. They're stunning, the quick pans and tracking shots, partially because of the way they fit in so well with other parts of the movie, how they're so cinematic. The pan and tracking shots of the movie go hand-in-hand with the affected demeanor of the actors, especially because the panning/tracking shots emphasize the technology, the physicality of the camera there to pan smoothly and accurately. It's not acting as realism, it's the entire thing as quaint miniature theater, intensely aware of and even facilitating the sensation of a scripted, pre-planned event. What could have been dry in this case became a nicely choreographed dance of sorts, especially with all the right storybook elements: a nice hotel, a great view, the dusk light, an unexpected reunion, a passionate reconciliation.


On a side note, I have nothing to say, and everything to think about.