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Million Dollar Blocks
Mon, Oct 1, 2007, 6:30 -8:30 pm
Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall, Columbia
"A disproportionate number of the people in this country's prisons and jails come from a very few neighborhoods in our biggest cities. What does this mean for those cities, and how can we measure the costs? A panel of advocates and researchers will explore why space matters -- or ought to -- for criminal justice."
(mentioned at Conflux by Adam Greenfield.)

Wednesday, Oct 3th, 2007, at 7pm
Location One, SoHo
Eric Singer: LEMURplex
Spencer Russell: SensorBib is a set of capacitive distance sensors embedded in a fabric covering for an upright bass. A chopped-up Arduino board sends the data to a laptop running PD which uses the player's body position to process the bass sound in real time.
John Huntington: Gravesend Inn, City Tech's annual High-Tech Haunted Hotel.

Saturday, Oct 6, 2007, 1am - 5am
Q train @ 34th st heading downtown/brooklyn
"you/we will meet @ the 34th st. Q train heading downtown/to brooklyn @ 1am saturday morning/friday night.
you/we will bring many musical instruments, costumes, masses of streamers and kazoos and balloons and pie and other objects of merrymaking.
you/we will then travel outwards until we arrive eventually at the zenith of our journey - so be prepared to disembark the train for a quick stop before heading back towards manhattan.
you/we will invite anyone and everyone you know. the more the merrier and if it gets a bit crowded we need only take over another car."

Friday, Oct 5, 8pm
915 Wyckoff Ave and Hancock | Ridgewood/Bushwick, Queens/Brooklyn
Admission: $6, or "found or scrap material for ..... barter (e.g., packing peanuts, pink foam, bread tabs, old books, those plastic things .. .you pull off the milk container)."
"SCRAPCYCLE is an all-homemade-instruments show, an experiment in the extension of a found-material's (re)use-value to exchange-value, an attempt to foster a local found-material exchange community, and a forum for art and music created from found-materials."

Interesting Ongoing Exhibitions

Keith Tyson: Large Field Array
Until October 20, 2007
PaceWildenstein, 545 W 22nd St, 212.421.3292
"The sign outside PaceWildenstein's hangar-sized space on 22nd Street says "admission is limited"; if that doesn't strike you as odd, watch the bemused expressions of exiting visitors. British artist Keith Tyson has filled the cavernous gallery and its walls with Field Array, a grid of more than 230 sculptures, each measuring two square feet but entirely different from its neighbors. The sheer quantity of bizarre and hilarious objects — a contorted figure in a glass cube, a gigantic telephone, a huge house of cards — is overwhelming. Named for the Very Large Array, a field of gigantic radio telescopes in New Mexico, Tyson's installation doesn't probe deep space, but it does create a larger impression of our universe. (HGM)" -flavorpill

openhousenewyork weekend
Sat & Sun, Oct 6 & 7, 2007
All around the five boroughs.
"openhousenewyork weekend, America's largest architect and design event, opens doors throughout New York City each October. The 5th Annual openhousenewyork Weekend will be held October 6 & 7.
Mark your calendars to discover new neighborhoods, explore with friends and family, and experience NYC's architecture and design in all five boroughs through special talks, tours, performances and family-friendly workshops - all free of charge!"
Basically, this seems like a bunch of tours of a large amount of buildings around new york -- this is great!

Daniel Rozin
Until Oct 6, 2007, Tu-Sat, 11am-6pm
Bitforms, 529 w20th st
"Daniel Rozin creates interactive installations and sculptures that have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence of a viewer. Although computers are often used, they are seldom visible. Mirrors and mediated perception of the self are central themes in Rozin's recent work. In most of his pieces the viewer takes part, actively and creatively, in the performance of his art. "

Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher: Reel to Reel
Until Oct 6, 2007, Tu-Sat 11am-6pm
Clementine Gallery, 623 w27th st
"For Reel to Reel, Shore and Fisher have constructed a network of wall-based, sculptural electro-mechanical installations, each containing an automated video set or electro acoustic instrument. The result is a mesmerizing environment of electro-kinetic sculptural work and interactive sound elements that thrusts the viewer into a complex, multi-sensory experience. Disconcerting, poetic, and deeply surreal, Reel to Reel advances the dialogue between image, motion, light, and sound to examine the interaction between society and technology in a media-saturated culture."

Eddo Stern, "New Works"
Until Oct 13, 2007, Tu-Sat, 11am-6pm
Postmasters Gallery, 459 w19th st
"His new works - kinetic shadow sculptures and 3D computer animation videos - use a mash-up of documentary material from online forums, clip art, YouTube videos, midi music, electronics, and hand made puppets. They mine the online gaming world at its paradoxical extremes: on one hand, an untenable perversity of life spent slaying an endless stream of virtual monsters, on the other, an ultimate mirroring of the most familiar social dynamics. The struggles with masculinity, honor, aggression, faith, love and self worth are embroiled with the gameworld's vernacular aesthetics."

Mike Nelson, A Psychic Vacuum
Until Oct 27