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Sounded Text
"Sounded Text - intensely poetic multimedia by MR Daniel, Anne Hege, Andrea Mazzariello and Samson Young. SOUNDED TEXT is an evening of multimedia music theater that explores the relationships of the performative body to music, text, and new media, fearturing works by composers MR Daniel, Anne Hege, Andrea Mazzariello and Samson Young."

Interesting Ongoing Exhibitions

Electric Lab
Until Nov 17, 2007
Exit Art
"Electricity is one of life’s most fundamental forces; it courses through our bodies and powers our computers. Today, the shortage and high cost of electricity is a pressing issue. The rethinking of energy production and consumption is imperative as we face depleted natural resources, environmental damage, and exponential population growth.
Electric Lab is dedicated to experimentation and art-making practices within the ranges of electricity. Artists were asked to suggest new ways to access electricity and explore its power. This exhibition is inspired by and dedicated to the scientist Nicola Tesla, who desired free access of electricity for all. "
Kind of a dorkbot-in-a-gallery?

Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York
Until Jan 13, 2008
Japan Society

Jamie Isenstein - Acéphal Magical
Until Saturday, Oct 20, 2007
Andrew Kreps Gallery
"Throughout the exhibition many juxtaposing themes are presented. Headlessness and surrogates for the head exist simultaneously. Everyday magic is presented alongside theatrical magic. The live presence of the artist in the installation is equally countered with her absence and subsequent surrogates. Finally, through the use of heads and decapitated bodies, music and planned magic, the immortal question of the relationship between the head and the body, or between reason and intuition is raised as a way to question the nature of what it means to be an artist (or what it means to be an artwork). Isenstein contemplates the slippery nature of representation and the difficulty of ever truly knowing anything."

Yael Kanarek - Warm Fields
Until Nov 17, 2007
Bitforms Gallery
"Marking the debut of new sculpture and installations, the exhibition features compositions of words and narrative that depict the charged spaces existing between languages. Born in New York and raised in Israel, Kanarek explains, “English, Arabic, and Hebrew make up the semantic landscape of my childhood. By association, political conditions and media frame these languages in conflict. The art process allows for the simulation of alternative realities, and the works in this installation define an area for reflection–specifically on the tension between cultures.”

Keith Tyson: Large Field Array
Until October 20, 2007
PaceWildenstein, 545 W 22nd St, 212.421.3292
"The sign outside PaceWildenstein's hangar-sized space on 22nd Street says "admission is limited"; if that doesn't strike you as odd, watch the bemused expressions of exiting visitors. British artist Keith Tyson has filled the cavernous gallery and its walls with Field Array, a grid of more than 230 sculptures, each measuring two square feet but entirely different from its neighbors. The sheer quantity of bizarre and hilarious objects — a contorted figure in a glass cube, a gigantic telephone, a huge house of cards — is overwhelming. Named for the Very Large Array, a field of gigantic radio telescopes in New Mexico, Tyson's installation doesn't probe deep space, but it does create a larger impression of our universe. (HGM)" -flavorpill

Mike Nelson, A Psychic Vacuum
Until Oct 28, Friday-Sunday, 12-6pm,
The Old Essex Street Market, 117 Delancey, Essex Street
" 'A Psychic Vacuum,' is a labyrinthine construction within a long-derelict wing of the Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side. Viewers will find their way through it (or not, if they become lost), passing by spaces that evoke the tattoo parlors and storefront psychics of the neighborhood, places Mr. Nelson sees partly as emblems of a search for belonging and belief in America."
"... constructed spaces are meticulously made to feel as if they have not been constructed, or at least not as artworks. They seem to have sprung up fully formed, like something out of the fevered minds of the authors Mr. Nelson favors: Edgar Allan Poe, Jorge Luis Borges, William S. Burroughs, H. P. Lovecraft." -Randy Kennedy, New York times