This was 16 years, 3 months, 10 days ago

something I need to think and write about but haven't gotten around yet:

fear dot com versus untraceable - how 6 years of the internet shifted public awareness of websites from tools to infrastructure, towards web 2.0. Two movies: Fear Dot Com, in 2002: if you enter the site, you die; Untraceable, in 2008: The more visitors who access a site, the more quickly a person dies; visitors as implicit murders, having an effect due to 'amount' alone.

In short, these two movies show a general public awareness that visitors to a website become a multitude, rather than a one-to-one relationship in which a website accessor is simply a user of the website. (case in point: no difference between 'The Ring' (videotape), 'Phone' (cell phone), Fear Dot Com, and a haunted house film: you/your party enters a location, you are privy to the dangers of the situation, you die.)

the social internet is an architectural public place owned by a private entity (greeting/meeting place, spots of meeting spots directed and channeled by the navigational/architectural structure of location). (find article about the problems concerning privately owned public space.) new media art piece physicalization:, although it is to some degree a visceral but archaic representation of a new medium.