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Two street art shows in December! The first is at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, where there was a Shephard Fairey exhibit this summer. That was right after the Splasher buzz, which I guess helped bring street art to a more mainstream, art-gallery level -- which is of course the entire issue around the Splasher and the art-gallery-commercialization of street art. At Jonathan LeVine will be Blek Le Rat and Dface, who were at 11 Spring Street, which I braved a 3-hour line to get into on a Sunday. The famous Space Invaders will be there, too.

The Streets Of Europe
Dec 1 - Dec 29
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
"New Works and Installations by: Blek Le Rat, Blu, Bo130, D*Face, Microbo, and Space Invader."

The second show is about Banksy! No explanations needed, really. He's part of the Santa's Ghetto show in Bethlehem, going on right now, which looks excellent and also manages to dodge whatever psuedo-politics it could have conjured up: "It’s obviously not the job of a loose collection of idiot doodlers to tell you what’s right or wrong about this situation [in the Middle East], so you’re advised to do further reading yourself."

Banksy Does New York
Dec 2 - Dec 29
Vanina Holasek Gallery

Adrian Tomine! This is show for the poignant Shortcomings, which was reviewed by none other than Junot Diaz.

Shortcomings and Goings
Sat Dec 8, 6:30-10pm
Giant Robot New York, 437 E 9th St

Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries has its first solo show at the new New Museum! YHCHI is awesome; one of the better-known and better net artists out there now. Her/its most famous piece is probably CUNNILINGUS IN NORTH KOREA. It's/She's an ideal artist to have a solo show at the New Museum, if they're trying to set a precedent for presenting contemporary art.

Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries

Urs Fischer - you. I thought this was over, but apparently not. Review at New York Magazine here.

Urs Fischer - You
Until December 22
Gavin Brown's enterprise