This was 15 years, 10 months, 14 days ago

Incredible: Ed Choi just sent me a link to this review by Steven Shaviro. (Thanks, Ed.) He writes about Southland Tales the way that it really needed to be written about: eloquently, intellectually, and with a sense of wonder and respect.

"Southland Tales is both infinitely diverse and expansive, and yet at the same time oddly claustrophobic, because of the way that all of its crazy tangents, detours, irrational cuts, and meta-fictional leaps are all enclosed within the self-validating feedback loop of its multimedia bubble (the network, the Net, the communications infrastructure, what have you). This claustrophobia is what gives the film its compulsive power. The narrative is filled with conspiracies and rumors of conspiracy, with plots and schemes that go nowhere, or that implode upon the schemers and plotters themselves, and with paranoid and apocalyptic premonitions that have their effect precisely as premonitions, rather than on account of what they actually foresee or prophesy."

I 'reviewed' Southland Tales here.