This was 17 years, 28 days ago

Standing in the kitchen of a building at 113th and broadway, illuminated mostly by the light of streetlamps outside, I suddenly realize how happy I am.

I recently gave up whatever chance I had for living in the dorms next year, so I'm going to be living off-campus next year. It's unexpected, the amount of warmth that idea alone gives me, and it feels as if I could be propelled for the next few months on that expectation alone. A set of keys and property, bookcases, a chair, a desk, a bed. 2800k incandescent lights shading things with the color-connotations of home, here, comfortability. Oh, oh. No more of this ginger tiptoe walking, acknowledgment of temporary residences, handcuffed to academic calendars every year. Whatever price I pay in working for the difference in rent will be worth it, worth it...

Right now, there is:

desire, coagulating
direction, calculating
plans, formulating

What I need to do is to keep thinking about this, to keep tossing this around, making the steps clear, knowing what I have to do to get there. How to change myself in order to do so, the process of movement necessary. Plan things out, start anchor points, plot out footsteps. The calculated risks, the attempted movements.

Here's my meta-plan:

1 potato
1 tomato
1 zucchini
a clove of garlic
olive oil
600g ground beef (chuck)
salt and pepper to taste

- wash excess dirt off of potato. dig out eyes but do not peel. cut into halfcircles on a wooden cutting board.
- wash tomato and zucchini. dice roughly but carefully.
- peel garlic by hitting it with the underside of a frying pan, and chop finely.
- heat up pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. add garlic until it turns brown, then add ground beef. add salt and pepper.
- at the same time, stir-fry the vegetables in a separate, smaller pan, until mostly cooked.
- when ground beef is fully cooked, add the vegetables. Do not put the empty pan in the sink yet.
- fry together. pay special attention to the taste of the overall mix.
- from the cupboard, take out two spices previously thought not to be needed. add purposefully to mixture.
- taste and appreciate. fine-tune recipe according to meal.
- serve hot, keep the burners on. makes 1 serving.